So make your first sentence original and different and you will have a lot of cattle. Don’t send the first thing that comes to mind, think about it.

This is another of the big mistakes when it comes to flirting over the Internet (I know there are many, but it’s that people flirt very badly).

In face to face, when we speak with a person, the usual thing is to have an immediacy in the response since the conversation is in real time.

However, on the Internet, things are not like that, the mobile phone is not usually a priority and, in fact, it is secondary to what happens to us in our real life.

That is, if I’m with friends, I have things to do or I just don’t feel like having the phone in hand, because I’m not going to use it much.

However, most men make the image mistake, sending messages over and over and over again without giving the other person time to reply.

Insisting in an excessive way conveys a very unattractive feeling of need since it seems that we have nothing better to do than to be aware of whether that person answers us or not.

My advice when it comes to knowing how long to wait is: at least 24 hours. If after 24 hours he has not told you anything, you can send him another message (ideally related to the previous one) to give him another chance to speak. If after two messages he has not answered you, it is better that you let him pass and move on.

So please, don’t under any circumstances send him a photo of your penis (the classic dickpicks).

I know this should not go without saying, but it is amazing how many men send photos of their genitals thinking that it will work or that it will turn on the other person.

Sending photos of yourself naked can be suggestive at the right time, when there is already a certain bond, relationship and excitement on the part of both.

Finally we come to the most interesting part, the tricks to get more appointments on Badoo.

If you have improved your profile and your conversation you have already won a lot, however you may still find it difficult to close appointments.

To avoid this, read these 5 final tricks to increase the number of appointments you get through the application.

Passion is a very attractive trait, and people who have and follow things that they are passionate about are more seductive.

In the same way, a person who has no passion or nothing that catches his eye, nothing solid to defend or fight for, generates less attraction.

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